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Share the love with Buffalo's own Quinn City BBQ Sauce 2lb gift set. It's a true taste of Buffalo, perfect for friends, family, and as corporate gifts too. The gift set includes 2 lb's of our famous all natural sauce, hand packed in an old fashioned mason jar. It comes with a real wood applicator brush and our "You Are Loved" tag hand signed by Quinn City's Commander in Chef, Danial Quinn. Everything is packed into a rustic recycled gift box with recycled crinkle cut gift packing. 


The recipient of this special gift will love the the smokey, savory, tangy magic with just a tinge of sweetness. We're talkin' proud, people!  We're talkin' Buffalo's own small batch, one-of-a-kind Quinn City BBQ Sauce!. The same all natural mouth watering BBQ Sauce Buffalonians enjoy at Quinn City BBQ catered events is now available for you at home. Proudly tell your guests it's Quinn City, or make it your own little secret...we won't tell a soul!       

Quinn City BBQ Sauce - 2 lb Gift Set

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